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Meet Johnna

Welcome to To Be Remembered Events! And here at TBR, we help create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Our CEO & Executive Designer & Planner, Johnna Richardson, looks not only to create astonishment & awe for each of your guests, but also to inspire the world of celebrations. Even as a developing visionary, Johnna stood out amongst the crowd, being repeated acknowledged for her innovative style; her eye-catching parties always - earning her the reputation as someone who goes all out and over the top".

"When I got married and planned my own wedding, I began to feel an undeniable passion for bringing creative decorative ideas to life for all kinds of events - social & professional. It started out very small, where I would use my children, family, and friends' social events, whether it was a wedding, birthday, baby shower, gender reveal, etc. I would use this as my platform to express my talent. I came to the realization that this is exactly what I was meant to do - creating memories for others to enjoy at the moment." 

Johnna Richardson

Chief Executive Officer

To Be Remembered Events 

Our TBR Events Team looks forward to working with you to help coordinate your next event. Our goal is to make your experience easy, fun, and memorable, all within your desired budget.

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